Custom Outdoor Flags and Flag Creations

Attention grabbing custom printed flags are fabricated in all shapes and sizes.  Create long strings of pennants, kite tails that attach to poles or standard flags for flagpole installation. Almost anything is possible when it comes to elevating your brand or message. Get noticed with standard flags, pennants, small flags for a golfing event, or peace flags for a special occasion. We custom create to your specifications. Furthermore, adorning an institution with a waving emblem or capturing attention across an event site, flags always signal pride, festivity and destination.

Imprint: Dye Sublimation.

Substrates: Multiple fabrics are available depending on the purpose and message of the flag.  Single ply fabrics with 95% bleed through create a reverse read “emblematic” message where printing is mirrored on the back side.  Dual ply fabrics are “right-read” on both sides of the flag.

Construction: Typical construction is a header and grommets for flagpole installation.  Alternate fabrications include sewing pennants or peace flags to strings or attaching to a kite pole that is mounted in the ground.  More information on kite poles can be found in our online catalog.

Production: Relative to order size. 1-3 weeks.

peace pennant flags