Light Pole Banner Choices...a selection to suit all budgets

Project Graphics utilizes three different print substrates to create custom light pole banner installations ranging from 6 months to 5 years of longevity. Using textiles from the marine and awning industry our Marine Acrylic banners are the most durable light pole banners in the marketplace. Designed to meet the expectations of any landmark program or promotion of a dated event. Alternately, when you need a short-term installation or working on a budget, check out our vinyl and polyester products. If you are interested in fund-raising with light pole banners, 0ur Light Pole Banner Sponsorship Guide has created hundreds of self-funded main street pole banner programs nationally and generated revenue for other community projects through its implementation.

Additional Information: Click “view our catalog” link below to page through the different substrates and stock designs. ¬†Additionally, use the sample request form below to receive a printed fabric swatch of the graphic via US Mail.

marine acrylic light pole banner

Marine Acrylic Banners

3-5 years of use

Industrial grade marine fabric with screen-print or UV dispersion print.


Vinyl Banners

6-12 Months

Photographic 4-color process digital print on fiber reinforced vinyl

polyester dye sublimated banner

Polyester Banners

Up to 2 years

Combined polyester with dye-sublimation print for shorter term fabric banner displays


Adjustable pole banner brackets for easy maintenance, Trimline pole banner hardware for smaller banners, or custom vintage brackets that coalesce with period style lamp-posts in historic cities.

trimline hardware

PoleGear Trimline

Simple bracket system for smaller banners

eclipse hardware

PoleGear Eclipse

Durable two-part adjustable banner bracket kit

vintage hardware

PoleGear Vintage

Custom fabricated to match historical lamp posts


Rather than starting from scratch, we have created a massive design library to help make your pole banner program into a reality. Our fully dedicated graphics team is here to help with ideas or to show you what your custom design might look like.

campus light pole banner
heart and soul
light pole banner
light pole banner
MLK Banner

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