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Table Covers
Fabric Colors:
Common Sizes:
Print Processes:
Constructed to fit any table; draped
or fitted to exact dimensions.
Wrinkle resistant Poly Poplin (P), Poly Twill (T),
Spandex (S), water-proof Nylon (N).
See Poly Poplin (P), Poly Twill (T), Spandex (S) and
Nylon (N) color charts in back of this catalog.
6’ and 8’ full cover banquet
and 3-sided banquet, 48” sample covers.
Spandex (S) stretch and fit banquet covers.
Screen-print on all sides
and top. Dye sublimation, heat transfer.
Round table covers, barrel covers, and
Not applicable.
3-4 weeks depending on order size.
Basic Tables Effortlessly Transformed
*A wide range of alternate textiles is available for custom work.
1C table runner with
blank draped table cloth
1C barrel style
fitted table cloth
1C draped banquet
table cloth
1C square fitted table cloth
with 1C cap
1C table drape
4CP fitted table cloth
1C draped table cover
1C stretch fit table cloth
4CP full bleed stretch
table cloth
Round draped table cloth
Draped table cloth
1C fitted and pleated
table cloth
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