PG Catalog - 2018

Sunbrella Colors - Umbrella Grade Kelly Green 3298c stx-1402-60-sp-s-st Color Reference Key * Best efforts were made in Pantone color matching for each fabric color shown above. Slight variations may occur. Pantone Solid Coated (c) and Pantone Solid Uncoated (u) catalogs were used for color matching. Letters following the numbers,“u”and“c”, refer to uncoated and coated catalogs in that order. Product Cross Reference Market Umbrellas - Series III - pg. 6 Fixture Umbrellas - Series V - pg. 7 Fabric Name *Pantone Reference **Construction Method Forest 3308c qes-sa1006 Auburn 194c qes-a1003-1 Gray 423c qes-a1012 Royal 2955c qes-sa1007 Lemon 7404u qes-a1005 Cream 7499u qes-a1013 White qes-sa1013 Kelly 341c qes-1006-1 Pearl 7500u qes-a1014 Gold 7549u qes-sa1005 Bright Red 187c qes-a1003 Beaver 7503u qes-a1010-1 Khaki 4515u qes-sa1014 Ocean 2945u qes-a1007 June Bud 587u qes-a1014-1 Navy 533c qes-sa1016 Olive 7489c qes-a1008 Black qes-a1015 Burgundy 504c qes-a1001 Dark Royal 294c qes-a1009 Brown 161c qes-a1017 Brick 1817c qes-a1002 Wheat 7502u qes-a1010 Camel 146c qes-a1018