PG Catalog 2017

Series IV also available with valances Market Umbrellas: Series IV 3 Year Market Umbrella Featuring our Easy Swap Canopy System. by up to 30% over traditional umbrellas. Ideal for beverage promotions, distributors, and restaurants. frame that has been designed and manufactured to withstand the elements for 3 years, possibly longer. Instead of changing out both the frame and canopy, you can now easily change-out the canopy on this frame thereby keeping your image fresh and current. The result is big savings with a positive environmental impact. Also swap out canopies for special sporting events, holidays, festivals, or to promote specialty beers. Canopy: Nylon 400D Color Options: Many standard colors available, see 400D Nylon color card. Custom dyes are available based on umbrella quantity. Framework: Inks: UV stabilized plastisol inks Lift Mechanism: SimpLift Pin Lock Print Options: Top side and underside, all peaks and valances Vents: Optional Polygonal (P) Round (R) Diameter Selection (Ft) 6.5’, 7.5’, 8.5’ 6.5’, 7.5’, 8.5’ Height (Ft) 8’ 8’ Peaks 6 8 Valances (Optional) Yes (6) Yes (8) Weight 12-14 lbs 12-14 lbs Frame Warranty (Yr.) 3 yr (pro-rated) 3 yr (pro-rated) Canopy Warranty (Yr.) 1.5 yr (pro-rated) 1.5 yr (pro-rated) Product ID Size Color Shape 200152 6.5’ 1-Color P, R 200153 6.5’ 2-Color P, R 200154 6.5’ 3-Color P, R 200155 6.5’ 4-Color P, R 200156 7.5’ 1-Color P, R 200157 7.5’ 2-Color P, R 200158 7.5’ 3-Color P, R 200159 7.5’ 4-Color P, R 200160 8.5’ 1-Color P, R 200161 8.5’ 2-Color P, R 200162 8.5’ 3-Color P, R 200163 8.5’ 4-Color P, R Standard Delivery* Order by: Delivers: 31-Aug 7-Jan 30-Nov 7-Mar 28-Feb 7-Jun * Non-standard production available, see sales representative for details. Canopy Lift Options Shapes Polygonal (P) Round (R) SimpLift Pulley with Pin Lock (available in Series IV Fiberglass frame opt.) CLICK FOR PRICING