PG Catalog 2017

Seasonal Standard Banners minimums. Substrate: Sunbrella Marine Grade Acrylic Features: Double lock stitched hem and pockets, spur grommets, UV stabilized ink system Size: 18”x36”, 18”x45”, 28”x60” Warranty: 5 seasons. Pro-rated Delivery: 3 weeks • Customization of standard banners must be quoted separately. • Banners are not stocked at all times. Regular turn times apply. Aluminum Finials #100500 Accessories STH46-(2) STH151-(1) STDCRH2-(1) STH137-(2) STH145-(1) ST24-(2) ST21-(2) ST19-(2) STH149-(1) STH150-(1) ST16A-(1) ST16B-(1) ST49A-(1) ST49B-(1) ST08-(2) ST09-(3) ST06-(3) Graphics can be used as dual banner display ST17B- (1) Style # (colors in design) Product ID Banner Size and Color Minimum Order Qty. Weight 100100-S 18”x36”- 1-Color 9 0.9 lbs. 100101-S 18”x36”- 2-Color 9 0.9 lbs. 100102-S 18”x36”- 3-Color 9 0.9 lbs. 100103-S 18”x45”- 1-Color 9 1.1 lbs. 100104-S 18”x45”- 2-Color 9 1.1 lbs. 100105-S 18”x45”- 3-Color 9 1.1 lbs. 100106-S 28”x60”- 1-Color 10 2 lbs. 100107-S 28”x60”- 2-Color 10 2 lbs. 100108-S 28”x60”- 3-Color 10 2 lbs. CLICK FOR PRICING