PG Catalog 2017

PoleGear Vintage Bracket Sets Features: Construction: Sizes: Installation: Options: Warranty: Weight: Eliminates banding around the lamp post. Powder coated steel. Standard pole lengths are . Can be cut to any size < . Custom sizes available. Arms are diameter. Installs on lamp post with two part system A B using lag bolts that attach the two parts around the post. Neoprene pads available to cushion pole where hardware is attached. year pro-rated lbs. per set Delivery: weeks Designed to Coalesce with Period Style Lamp Posts Requirements for round posts: Minimum . diameter or circumference and maximum . diameter or . circumference. Requirements for square posts: Post must be . to . wide. All other pole sizes require custom production. Notes: Lag bolts are not included in bracket kits. By purchasing at time of install you will determine the optimum bolt size and achieve the best fit and presentation. Product ID Product Arm Size 100288 Vintage Fixed Bracket Set 18” 100289 Vintage Fixed Bracket Set 24” 100290 Vintage Fixed Bracket Set 30” 100291 Vintage Fixed Bracket Set Custom Aluminum Finials #100500 Accessories Arm Part A Top View Part B LAMP POST 3/8”carriage bolts washers and nuts Part B Part A CLICK FOR PRICING