PG Catalog 2017

Series III also available without valances Market Umbrellas: Series III Enhanced Performance. High Caliber Presentation. Our most durable canopy on a Series II frame -- made from Sunbrella® fabric (warranteed for up to 5 years). The resulting look demands attention and has staying power. Ideal for beverage promotions, distributors, and restaurants. Canopy Fabric: Solution dyed Sunbrella marine acrylic canvas Color Options: See Sunbrella Umbrella grade fabric color card in back of catalog Ink: UV stabilized plastisol inks Framework: Heavy duty 1.5” metal or solid wood. Metal poles have tilt option if required. Lift Mechanisms: SimpLift Hand Crank, SimpLift Pin Lock, Print Options: Top side and underside, all peaks and valances Vent: Optional Product ID Size Color Shape 200124 6.5’ 1-Color P, R 200125 6.5’ 2-Color P, R 200126 6.5’ 3-Color P, R 200127 6.5’ 4-Color P, R 200128 7.5’ 1-Color P, R 200129 7.5’ 2-Color P, R 200130 7.5’ 3-Color P, R 200131 7.5’ 4-Color P, R 200132 8.5’ 1-Color P, R 200133 8.5’ 2-Color P, R 200134 8.5’ 3-Color P, R 200135 8.5’ 4-Color P, R Polygonal (P) Round (R) Diameter Selection (Ft) 6.5’, 7.5’, 8.5’ 6.5’, 7.5’, 8.5’ Height (Ft) 8’ 8’ Peaks 6 8 Valances (Optional) Yes (6) Yes (8) Weight 14-16 lbs. 14-16 lbs. Frame Warranty (Yr.) 1.5 yr (pro-rated) 1.5 yr (pro-rated) Canopy Warranty (Yr.) 3 yr (pro-rated) 3 yr (pro-rated) Standard Delivery* Order by: Delivers: 31-Aug 7-Jan 30-Nov 7-Mar 28-Feb 7-Jun * Non-standard production available, see sales representative for details. Canopy Lift Options SimpLift Hand Crank (available in Aluminum frame opt.) Shapes Polygonal (P) Round (R) SimpLift Pin Lock (availabe in Wood frame opt.) CLICK FOR PRICING