PG Catalog 2017

Series II also available with valances Canopy Lift Options SimpLift Hand Crank (available in Aluminum frame opt.) Shapes Polygonal (P) Round (R) Market Umbrellas: Series II Quality Standards that Compete on the Street...and Win Our most popular, Series II umbrella… high-quality promotional umbrella with a warranty that addresses fade and durability. Ideal for beverage promotions and distributors. Canopy Fabric: Nylon D Color Options: See standard D nylon color card in back of catalog custom dyes available based on umbrella quantity Ink: UV stabilized plastisol inks Framework: Heavy duty 1.5” metal or solid wood. Metal poles have tilt option if required. Lift Mechanisms: SimpLift Hand Crank, or SimpLift Pin Lock. Print Options: Top side and underside, all peaks and valances Vent: Optional SimpLift Pin Lock (availabe in Wood frame opt.) Product ID Size Color Shape 200112 6.5’ 1-Color P, R 200113 6.5’ 2-Color P, R 200114 6.5’ 3-Color P, R 200115 6.5’ 4-Color P, R 200116 7.5’ 1-Color P, R 200117 7.5’ 2-Color P, R 200118 7.5’ 3-Color P, R 200119 7.5’ 4-Color P, R 200120 8.5’ 1-Color P, R 200121 8.5’ 2-Color P, R 200122 8.5’ 3-Color P, R 200123 8.5’ 4-Color P, R Polygonal (P) Round (R) Diameter Selection (Ft) 6.5’, 7.5’, 8.5’ 6.5’, 7.5’, 8.5’ Height (Ft) 8’ 8’ Peaks 6 8 Valances (Optional) Yes (6) Yes (8) Weight 12-14 lbs 12-14 lbs Warranty (Yr.) 1.5 yr (pro-rated) 1.5 yr (pro-rated) Standard Delivery* Order by: Delivers: 31-Aug 7-Jan 30-Nov 7-Mar 28-Feb 7-Jun * Non-standard production available, see sales representative for details. CLICK FOR PRICING