PG Catalog 2017

CLICK FOR PRICING Tree Toppers Product ID Product Lights Lamps/Qty *Watts Weight 900600 3’3D Moravian Star L M/400 25 lbs. 900601 3’3D Nativity Star I,L C7/35 245 10 lbs. 900602 4’3D Nativity Star I,L C7/40 280 25 lbs. 900603 5’3D Nativity Star I,L C7/45 315 29 lbs. 900606 1.5’3D Red Velvet Structural Bow U 2 lbs. 900607 2’3D Red Velvet Structural Bow U 3 lbs. 900608 3’3D Red Velvet Structural Bow U 4 lbs. *Watts: Wattage noted are for incandescent lights I = Incandescent lights L = LED lights U = Unlit 900606-608 3D Red Velvet Structural Bow 900601-603 3D Nativity Star 900600 3D Moravian Star Construction: Heavy duty steel stem mounts to top of tree. Lit options include LED and incandescent. Sizes: Styles range from 3’ to 5’. Warranty: Not applicable Add Height and Beauty The Finishing Touch for Every Tree