PG Catalog 2017

Holiday Wreaths Options Incandescent or C7 Lights Ornament Clusters (OC) Bow up to 50% — Orders placed before March 31st up to 40% — Orders placed before July 31st EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Construction: Commercial grade lush Green Mountain style branches on a heavy duty steel frame. Sizes: 36” and up. Our largest wreath to date measures 40 feet! Styles: Single sided wall mount (SNG) Double sided ceiling mount (DBL) Decorations: Unlit (U), C7 Incandescent (I) or LED lighting (L) Ornament Cluster (OC) Bows Plain - decorate yourself (DIY) Pre-Decorated (PD) Warranty: Not applicable Delivery: As fast as 3 weeks Simple, Elegant, Joyous Holiday Wreaths Single face, double face, full bodied greenery CLICK FOR PRICING