PG Catalog 2017

Pageantry Banner Display Systems Banner Styles: Fabrics: Print Processes: Installation: Options: Warranty: Delivery: Standard Hardware Units Poles: Cross Arms: Base Units: Options: Warranty: Delivery: Any custom shape and construction is possible. A wide variety of polyesters and acrylics are available. Consult with our experts for your specific image requirements. Traditional screen-print on Sunbrella brand acrylics or dye-sublimated polyesters and satins. Installs on hardware with tabs or pole sleeves. Loop on back affixes to vertical pole. Metallic foiling, tassels, fringe. Not applicable - weeks Wooden oak finished poles in or . diameter. tall. Topped with parade ball, spear or cross. Gold or silver metallic arms with slip fit finials. wide. Heavy duty wooden bases painted gold or silver. Pole insert. Gold or silver components. Cording and tassels in gold, silver or white. Alternate heights of or . Single or double loop carry belts white . Not applicable weeks Displays of Pageantry and Ceremonial Elegance Gonfalons in any shape and size Product ID Product Weight 400520 Pageantry Hardware Display Set - 1”Diameter (Gold) 18 lbs. 400521 Pageantry Hardware Display Set - 1.25”Diameter (Gold) 19 lbs. 400522 Pageantry Hardware Display Set - 1”Diameter (Silver) 18 lbs. 400523 Pageantry Hardware Display Set - 1.25”Diameter (Silver) 19 lbs. 400506 Cord & Tassels (Gold) .15 lbs. 400507 Cord & Tassels (Silver) .15 lbs. Finishing Options Pageantry Display Hardware Parts Inverted V with fringe Floor Stand (Gold) Oak Pole (Brass Joiners) Acorn Finials & Metal Parade Ball Finial (Gold) Gold Cross Beam Pagentry Hardware Display Set includes: Oak Pole; Gold Cross Beam w/ Finials; and Parade Ball Topper Inverted V Pennant with fringe Pennant Rectangle with fringe Rectangle CLICK FOR PRICING