PG Catalog 2017

Towers 15’Non-Rolling #400102 Festival grounds entrance marked with tower displays Speaker mesh’s see through nature stress on structure. Tower graphics displayed colorful images during Dartmouth’s inauguration event. Product ID Product Weight 400100 15’x 7’Vinyl Mesh Graphic Panel 18 400101 15’x 5’Vinyl Mesh Graphic Panel 13 400102 469 Tower Architecture: Standar old structures create a 5’x7’x15’ graphic tower. S old components can be purchased from Project Graphics or rented locally. Graphics: Digitally printed speaker mesh banners allow for 70% blow-through. Graphic measurements are 5’x15’ and 7’x15’. Two of each size required to create the tower. Installation: Graphics attach to tower with zip ties through grommets installed on the perimeter of the mesh. S olding must be staked in the center to prevent tipping. Options: Adorn c , pennants, and streamers. Flank two towers with banners to create an entranceway. Graphics can be produced for any tower c Product Weight: Graphics: 70 lbs. Ships in (4) boxes. S old Tower: 266 lbs. Ships via freight. Warranty: Not applicable Delivery: 3 weeks Graphic Focal Points for Field Events Multi Directional Graphic/S old Towers CLICK FOR PRICING