PG Catalog 2017

Kite Poles Mounting Options Car Tire Stand #330110 Raft Mount Ground Sleeve (for permanent, concrete set installation) Ground Sleeve Jr. (for temporary installation) Ground Stake (for temporary installation) Product ID Product 330100 Kite Pole: 19’Telescoping Pole (3 Piece) 330101 Kite Pole: 21’Fixed Height (1 Piece) 330102 Kite Pole: 22’Telescoping Pole (2 Piece) 330103 Kite Pole: 12’Fixed Height Pole (1 Piece) 330104 Kite Flag: 15’x 24”- 1-Color (Fabric color) 330105 Kite Flag: 15’x 24”- 2-Color (Fabric color) 330106 Kite Flag: 8’x 18”- 1-Color (Fabric color) 330107 Ground Stakes 330108 Ground Sleeves 330109 Ground Sleeves (12’Poles only) 330110 Wheel Stand Options: 5 pole heights available, 15’ - 22’. Some styles are telescopic and some ar ed height. Various mounting methods are shown below. Features: Kit d sizes are 8’ and 15’. See 200D Nylon at back of catalog. color card at back of this catalog. Flags are easily changed using a tension arm system and yoke. Kite poles rotate with the slightest breez Attention Grabbing, High Overhead Streamers Attract attention with fabrics in motion CLICK FOR PRICING