PG Catalog 2017

Product ID Description Indoor/Outdoor 300609 Window Perf 50/50 - Back Adhesive (approved for vehicles) Outdoor 300610 Window Perf 35/65 - Back Adhesive (good for retail) Outdoor 300611 Window Perf 35/65 - Face Adhesive (good for retail) Outdoor 300612 Removable Decals Indoor Digital Media - Windows Substrates: 3M removable materials with semi-permanent adhesive. B rint: C ective at all volume levels. Options: Solid print on decal materials. Horizontal tiling of graphics for large areas. Window perfs allow for see through from indoors. Warranty : Not applicable. Professional installers are recommended. Surfaces will require cleaning before and after application. Weight: o product size and substrate. Call for estimate. Delivery: 3 weeks. *No minimums. *Pricing is based on total square footage of your project. Hide Vacant Space, Promote, Advertise Pressure Sensitive Window Applications CLICK FOR PRICING