PG Catalog 2017

Size Product ID Colors Locations 48” x 48” 300200 No Print n/a 300209 4CP All Over 60” x 108” (Drapes15”-18” around 6’ table ) 300210 No Print n/a 300219 4CP All Over 60” x 132” (Drapes 15”-18” around 8’ table ) 300220 No Print n/a 300229 4CP All Over 72” x 132” (drops to 3-sides on a 6’table) 300230 No Print n/a 300239 4CP All Over 72” x 156” (drops to 3-sides on a 8’table) 300240 No Print n/a 300249 4CP All Over 88” x 132” 300260 No Print n/a 300269 4CP All Over 88” x 156” 300270 No Print n/a 300279 4CP All Over 4’ Spandex Banquet 300213-S 4CP All Over 6’ Spandex Banquet 300223-S 4CP All Over 8’ Spandex Banquet 300233-S 4CP All Over 30” Draped Round 300300 No Print n/a 300309 4CP All Over Styles Templates Vinyl Table Covers FRONT SIDE SIDE BACK TABLETOP FRONT SIDE SIDE BACK TABLETOP FRONT TABLETOP Table Drape Table Cover Fitted 4-Sides Table Cover Fitted 3-Sides Table Drape Table Cover Industrial Strength Sampling Covers Easy clean-up for multi-use promotions Styles: available. See style templates below. Print Options: Spot-color screen print on a variety of base vinyl colors or process color digital print for full image coverage. Construction: 10oz reinforced laminated vinyl with heavy duty hems and open corners for easy access to under table storage. Product Weight: 6’ table drape: 3 lbs 8’ table drape: 4 lbs 6’ (3) sided: 4.5 lbs 8’ (3) sided: 5 lbs 6’ (4) sided: 5.5 lbs 8’ (4) sided: 6 lbs Warranty: Not applicable Delivery: 3 weeks *Produced in all sizes. Call for pricing on non-listed sizes. Size Product ID Colors Locations 6’table drape 300400 no print n/a 6’table drape 300405 4CP all over 8’table drape 300406 no print n/a 8’table drape 300411 4CP all over 6’3-sided 300412 no print n/a 6’3-sided 300417 4CP all over 8’3-sided 300418 no print n/a 8’3-sided 300423 4CP all over 6’4-sided 300424 no print n/a 6’4-sided 300429 4CP all over 8’4-sided 300430 no print n/a 5 4CP all over Draped or Fitted (6’ Banquet) Draped or Fitted (8’ Banquet) CLICK FOR PRICING