PG Catalog - 2018

SolarMax Nylon 200D Kelly Green 3298c Color Reference Key * Best efforts were made in Pantone color matching for each fabric color shown above. Slight variations may occur. Pantone Solid Coated (c) and Pantone Solid Uncoated (u) catalogs were used for color matching. Letters following the numbers,“u”and“c”, refer to uncoated and coated catalogs in that order. Product Cross Reference Kite Flags - pg. 46 Peace Flags - pg. 47 Holiday Bows - pg. 70 This substrate is used for products with no imprint Fabric Name *Pantone Reference Yellow PMS 108c International Orange PMS 165c Bright Red PMS 032c White SM60-wh Ecru PMS 4685c Daffodil PMS 803c Orange PMS 172c Canada Red PMS 199c Peach PMS 1555c Warm Red PMS Warm Red C OG Red PMS 186c Buff PMS 142c Spanish Yellow PMS 137c Golden Puppy PMS 151c Rust PMS 167c Mint Green PMS 360c Gold PMS 131c Salmon PMS 178c Irish Green PMS 348c Emerald Green PMS 3425c Dartmouth Green PMS 350c Ruby PMS 229c Olive PMS 378c Aqua PMS 338c Turquoise PMS 3155c Blue Flower PMS 2975c Blue Bird PMS 292c